Brett M.

And here I sit with the home that I dearly wanted

Don was very professional and prompt on everything that I needed, and everything that was needed from me for the purchase of my new home. He was very patient with me on having the awkward work schedule I have to get all the paperwork signed. He knew of some tools to help me out with a possible “bidding war” that might’ve occurred. Within 2 1/2 hours of seeing the house I wanted, he had the offer paperwork in, and the offer was accepted and I was the proud owner of the home I wanted! I couldn’t ask for anything more prompt than what he did. There was a few hiccups with the changing of ownership of the home since it was a relocation company that took over during the middle of negotiations, but he was on top of it, and got me the proper paperwork and stuff that was needed. And here I sit with the home that I dearly wanted…. Thanks, Don!

~Brett M.